N.T.P. GROUP facilitates the import process, focusing on cost reduction and customer satisfaction. We have know-how to carry out international transactions with quality and high efficiency.


N.T.P. GROUP performs all the functions of an internal foreign trade department, transferring more agility to each client’s international business. Specialized in serving companies of various sizes and segments, it is responsible for the overall export process, facilitating the transaction between national entrepreneurs and the foreign market.


Many companies start importing products, but they do not have the knowledge about how to trade internationally, and they end up going through a variety of problems, such as barred orders when they leave the country or when they arrive in the destination country. the rules may also change according to the type of market that the products are being imported. N.T.P. GROUP can help with this process.


We develop projects in an integrated way, ranging from market research, research on the legislation in force in the countries of interest, structural projects and business analysis and development, as well as all bureaucratic and customs matters.

Our local offices and agents allow N.T.P. GROUP to offer an unmatched personal service and unique local knowledge. Our traders are dedicated to specific markets, having built strong direct relationships with exporters and importers in the EU, Brazil, Thailand, China, India, Africa, and Asia.

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